If you like the idea of an outdoor wedding, but not the idea of setting up a tent which can be a hassle, you might want to reach out to design studio Qastic. As part of the Connecticut-based firm's research into the feasibility of using floating structures in its architecture, it created this inflatable helium-filled pavilion for a garden wedding ceremony in New Haven.

Held in place by long pieces of fabric tethered to the ground, the structure ends up feeling more open and inviting, while still providing some level of shelter from the elements. It's a clever alternative to a more permanent structure like a gazebo, but a bride and groom had better hope for a clear, breezeless day, because as you can see in the video included below, the canopy does tend to move around a lot.

And let's not forget that the planet is quickly exhausting its helium supply, and if this catches on as a wedding fad, it certainly won't help the situation. [Qastic via Dezeen]