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Wow, Look How Crazy Fast These Sheep Get Herded

Watching hundreds of sheep get herded around the grassland from above is a pretty magnificent view. It’s like watching a real life hourglass somehow spill out. There’s a slight chokehold at the opening point of the fence but the sheep all move so fast that it’s actually pretty impressive. Nothing can move from one place to the next as fast.


Aerial photographer and pilot Tim Whittaker filmed the video below for Caters Clips.


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Notice at :43 seconds into the video a dog runs up toward the fence and by :48, freezes the sheep that are nearby. Then at :52 seconds three more dogs run in close and turn almost the entire remaining flock backwards. Either the dogs are not well trained or the trainers don’t understand herd/flock behavior. Herding animals can be moved miles in a no-stress manner, with no dogs, if you know what you’re doing.