Woz Says Steve Jobs Will Be Known For His "Negative Personality"

The day is almost here: When America gets to witness Seth Rogen as Woz. In preparation for the Steve Jobs theatrical release on October 23, Woz himself has been doing a lot of publicity for the film, including making this featurette that juxtaposes his real-life commentary with snippets from the movie.


Referring to him—as he did on a Jimmy Fallon appearance last week—as “Steve Jobs Zero,” Woz reminisces about the good times they had palling around and pulling pranks before they started Apple. Woz also says Jobs will be remembered as one of the great tech geniuses—like Edison—but he admits he wasn’t always a very nice guy:

“He might also be remembered for his negative personality. I think that’s going to go with his legacy forever. But he led the world in the future and everybody else then would follow once they saw it.”

That manufactured persona is a big part of the film and I have a feeling “Steve Jobs Zero” is a lot easier to watch on screen than Steve Jobs 2.0.

[Woz on Jobs]



Is Woz wearing both a Moto 360 and an Apple Watch in this video? Because that is the most Woz shit in the world and I love it.

ETA: Pessimippopotamus pointed out that it’s actually this device, which is somehow even more Woz-like: