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Woz Supports iPhone Rebels, Stings Jobs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You think that Steve Wozniak (sexy hunk on left) has already filled as much of your techie heart as humanly possible, and then he starts dating Kathy Griffin and you kind of don't know how that makes you feel because you were never much of a fan, and then he blesses iPhone unlockers everywhere with his glorious, sweaty Woz hands.

From a business point of view, Apple owns what they have done. They have a right to lock it. But I am really for the unlockers, the rebels trying to make it free.

We're liking this...rebels.

I'd really like it to be open to new applications. I'd like to install some nice games. Why in the world can I not install a ringtone that I've made? How would that hurt AT&T's network? Here is Steve Jobs sending letters to the record companies saying [they] should provide music that's unprotected, but here he is taking the opposite approach with the iPhone. I don't know to what extent AT&T is involved in the thinking and direction.


Oh Woz, we don't either!! [laptopmag] [image]