WSJ and Suits Don't Get the iPhone

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Mossy is going to be pissed the junior writers are getting the iPhone all wrong. This WSJ explores how difficult it is to adapt to the corporate environment. Here:

The main problem is that the iPhone can't send and receive email through the company's corporate BlackBerry email servers.


Yes, you can't file your TPS reports from it or do powerpoint either. And these sales figures from Q2 aren't going to calculate themselves using that built in iPod or movie player. Bummer for Ted in Acquisitions and CFO FartFace.

Oh and check out this subhed:

Workers Beseech Employers To Add Device, but IT Units Cite Email Incompatibility.

Yes, Email is never compatible from one company to another. Don't you hate that?

I do like that visual conjured by "Workers Beseech". As if they're business casual doggies begging for bacon. Quite colorful, in comparison to the rest of the story.
Companies Hang Up on Apple's iPhone [WSJ]


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