WSJ: Apple Is Testing an 8-Inch iPad

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According to a gaggle of anonymous sources cited by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently testing a smaller version of the iPad. The big question is, how might this tie in with the rumored March launch of the iPad 3?


According to the Wall Street Journal, the smaller device features an 8-inch screen, compared to the 9.7-inch display of its bigger brother, but will maintain the resolution of the current iPad 2. An 8-incher with a 1024x768 display? That would be sweet, and also ties in with rumors about the increased resolution of the iPad 3 screen we're expecting.


The report claims that the smaller screens are being produced by AU Optronics and LG Display, and also suggests that this model might also run on LTE, as an earlier rumor suggested about the iPad 3.

While the chances of seeing both an iPad 3 and a smaller version of Apple's tablet launch next month are slim, the rumors tie together nicely. Hold tight, this is going to be fun. [Wall Street Journal]


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I'm sure they're testing lots of different ideas, but I doubt they will release it. Its un-Apple like to fragment screen sizes like that. The iPhone has been the same screen size since its inception despite competition with sometimes preposterously large screens. And I agree with the other comments, too small and there isn't that much point in a tablet over a smartphone. Heck, I still think a 13" by someone else would fill a nice niche.