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iPad 3 Will Come in 4G LTE, WSJ Claims

Illustration for article titled iPad 3 Will Come in 4G LTE, emWSJ/em Claims

As alleged details continue to leak ahead of the expected Apple announcement on March 7th, the Wall Street Journal claims that an LTE-compatible variant of the new tablet will be available to AT&T and Verizon customers.


According to the WSJ,

Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. will sell a version of the coming iPad that runs on their newest fourth-generation wireless networks, according to people familiar with the matter.


Right now, it appears that the two biggest US carriers are the only ones with enough 4G infrastructure in place to handle the expected influx of LTE users so we'll have to wait and see if Sprint and T-Mobile follow suit. The WSJ also reports that the device should flip back to the 3G network when 4G isn't available. [Wall Street Journal via MacRumors]

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MAKE2 Mifune

4G LTE is kind of a moot point when all of the major carriers throttle bandwidth after a certain amount of data has been transferred. You can watch 10 TV shows or 3 full length movies! Or listen to Pandora radio for 2.5 days! Before your connection goes to shit.