WSJ: Google Is Spending $500 Million to Advertise the Upcoming Moto X

The WSJ is reporting that Google is ready to dump half a billion dollars in marketing for the upcoming Moto X. That's a huge chunk of change. Supposedly, the Moto X will be available on all four major carriers, free of most of those carriers crapware and will come in different colors.


The flagship Moto X, which is made in the USA, already has an ad out but hasn't actually been revealed yet. Google has allowed Motorola to spend several hundred million dollars and "possibly upward of $500 million" to market the phone. That's an insane number.

So insane that it nearly trumps what Apple and Samsung spent on marketing for all of 2012 ($662 million and $597 million respectively, according to AdAge). In fact, the $500 million advertising budget would beat what Apple ($333 million) and Samsung ($402 million) spent on advertising for mobile devices, according to Kantar Media. And this would be just for one single phone. The hype machine is beginning. It better be good. [WSJ]

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