WSJ: Japanese Carrier Softbank to Buy Sprint?

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Japanese mobile carrier Softbank is in advanced talks to acquire US operator Sprint for a cool $12.8 billion.

That's a hell of a lot of cash, and a big gamble for Softbank itself. Currently Japan's third biggest provider, it would mark its first attempt to go global by muscling in on the US market.

At this early stage there's little more to go on than reports from people with knowledge of the negotiations, though Reuters is independently reporting the same news. Quite how it would affect Sprint and its customers, then, is currently anybody's guess. [WSJ via Engadget]


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I have considered letting my AT&T contract run out in a year and switch to Sprint since it's the only one who offers unlimited without restrictions. I wonder if this will continue to be case after being bought by Softbank?