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WSJ: Microsoft Is Designing a Touch-Enabled Watch

Illustration for article titled WSJ: Microsoft Is Designing a Touch-Enabled Watch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is working with suppliers to develop a new touch-enabled watch device, which sees it jumping on the same rumored bandwagon as Apple and Samsung.


Citing executives from Microsoft's suppliers, the Journal reports that Asian manufacturers have been shipping
components to Ballmer and co so that the company can start developing "a watch-style device". Apparently those components include a 1.5-inch display, but other details are scant.


The sources go on to point out that it's "unclear whether Microsoft will opt to move ahead with the watch". But with the emergence of wearable tech gaining attention and—to some extent—traction, it's certainly believable that Microsoft is lending the idea some serious thought.

It's not the first time Microsoft has been associated with watches. You may dimly remember that it launched something called Smart Watch a decade ago which delivered—for a subscription fee—news headlines, sports scores and instant messages, beamed over FM radio, to the wearer's wrist. It failed. Maybe this time round could be different. [WSJ]

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Seriously, who actually wants one of these things? It's just another device to charge, sync, etc. and it's not measurably more convenient than a smartphone. I'm just not seeing the broad appeal here.