In this video interview with True/Slant, RZA says hip hop and "geekism" go hand in hand when it comes to using new technology. "We geeks man, we geeks!" He also talks about video game addiction…and busts out a roundhouse kick!

As someone who dabbles in music production on the side, I've long been a fan of producers who push technology: Herbie Hancock, Prince, Aphex Twin, and Richie Hawtin to name but a few. So RZA proudly admitting his geekdom isn't a surprise to me—he's a great producer. My favorite quote from the video: "I'd rather raise nerds than raise gangsters."

The interview was for his new autobiographical/philosophical book, The Tao of Wu, and took place at Manhattan's USA Shaolin Temple. Fitting, because the interviewer dared RZA to show him some martial arts skills. The result below: [True/Slant via BoingBoing]