WWDC 2009 Banners Are Up, Let the Speculation Begin

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Here they are: The WWDC 2009 banners are up at San Francisco's Moscone Center. "One year later. Light-years ahead." What could this mean?


My guess is that it's a sharky comment about Palm Pre and all the competition. While they are starting up now, Apple is about to launch their third generation and have a mature development platform with a strong third-party market, which puts them way ahead of the game.

My inner fanboy—who wears Apple underpants and only has a large bed and an original Mac on his otherwise empty bedroom—hopes the "light-years" is a reference to Star Trek and iPhone OS-based tablet computers. [Flickr via MacRumors]



According to Wikipedia,


Apple said something about shipping 10.6 "in about a year"... which means that the "one year later" means one year later from last time, and the "light-years ahead" probably means light-years ahead from ... Microsoft, probably (or so they think).