X-Man Wannabe Student Builds Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower

Everett Bradford is a student with a wannabe superhero streak, so for a project in his mechanisms class he's built his own flamethrower. A wrist-mounted one, to give an arm-directed puff of flame like Pyro from X-Men. As you can see from the video, it actually works... so ten out of ten to Everett. But minus several million for the instant when he puts it to his face to puff on the pilot light. Didn't his Mom tell him not be careless with fire? [Gadget Lab]



@xint: When a person is designing a wrist mounted thrower of flame, I can only assume that safety is fairly far down on their list of design features.

And what was up with him looking into it? He has the acumen to build the thing, but not the brains to avoid the "internet fame granting" video capture of himself setting his eyebrows on fire?