Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update Comes in November

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Microsoft's just gone on the record with RPG-TV and said the Fall Xbox 360 Dashboard Update will be hitting in November, which technically is still a part of Fall. Previous updates have also been released in late November (as close to Winter as you could push it while still being Fall), but all those new features coming this time might be cause for delay, even though they skipped the Spring update for this reason. Seriously Microsoft, will we have to wait another three months to get the ability to make a little avatar that looks like ourselves? You're forcing us to turn on our Wiis? [RPG TV via Kotaku]


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I believe the 4GB file size limit is a limit imposed by the design of the FAT32 system- something to do with byte sectors, address space and other such terms I have little understanding and care for.

I know that it's an antiquated file system, that is inherently inefficient in today's modern computers with multi GB media files, but persists due to its ubiquitousness and to maintain backwards compatibility. The sooner MS consign it to the dustbin of history in favour of a more modern file system that can cope with large files and multi-terabyte drives the better. HFS, HFS+ even NTFS but preferably ZFS