Xbox 360 Pro Hits $299 at Target

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The Xbox 360 price drop has pretty much gone official, with Target offering an in-store price of $299.99. The only thing weird about this is that it's not the rumored 60GB version that we thought was coming, so it's possible that Target is just clearing out old inventory for the new SKU? We won't know anything for certain until someone from Microsoft gets up on stage and says it. Or until they put out a press release. [Target]

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@Mr.SithNinja: They could implement the Apple pricing strategy and charge $600 a year ago, and $200 today. Riots would ensue, half by those that paid $600, and half by those waiting to buy it for $200. As long as the Xbox 360 does not have to be activated through Windows Media Center, though, all should be fine.

I do not mean to be negative, but are there really people waiting to buy an Xbox 360? I can understand PS3 purchases to watch Blu-ray, and I can understand Wii purchases to play games with family and friends, but it sure seems like the 360 is now the odd-machine out.

I ask because I get an email from GameStop each week showing the top selling items, and usually the Wii and the PS3 are both listed in their top 20 (or whatever it is) list of purchased items, but I think it has been over a year since I have seen the 360 listed. Maybe it is because there are too many versions for one to make it to the best seller list, but I just do not get the sense that the Xbox is selling like it used to.

Just my worthless gut feeling, though.