Xbox Live Now Has WatchESPN

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ESPN on the Xbox just got a helluva lot better. Instead of being an awkward, half-featured sports channel, Xbox Live is now getting the real deal: a WatchESPN app. That means you can watch ALL of ESPN's channels: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU and more.


We've been expecting WatchESPN to launch on the Xbox since it was announced at E3 this year and it sounds even better than what we thought. Instead of watching ESPN on your dumb, numb nut cable box, you can watch ESPN without ever leaving the Xbox. That means you can do stuff like split screen live sports, use the Kinect as a DVR remote, set game reminders, use an interactive bottom line and more. It's basically the ESPN that all sports fans watch, but better because it's on the Xbox and not your crappy cable box.

You'll still need a cable subscription to access WatchESPN (and an Xbox Live subscription) but more sports in more places is always a good thing.



ESPN, just charge me $30 bucks/mo for this. I will gladly pay it to avoid Cable!