Xipper CD/DVD Jewel Case Opener

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How many times have you come home from the local retailer with a shrink-wrapped CD or DVD only to work yourself into a fit of rage when you can't get the packaging open without pulling a muscle? If you answered "several times," even if you're just fibbing for the sake of this article, perhaps the Xipper will save you from needless trips to the emergency room. It's a small device that, when properly activated next to a shrink-wrapped jewel case, sees a small edge protrude. Simply slide the Xipper down the case and let the tiny blade work its magic. Since the Xipper comes in a CD and DVD version, there's no worrying about getting the blade to properly align with different types of jewel cases.

You can lay down $7.95 for one Xipper, or $6.95 for sets of three or more.

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