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XM is Down, Blame Opie & Anthony (not really)

Illustration for article titled XM is Down, Blame Opie  Anthony (not really)

Some shit is going down at XM today. Apparently one of the satellites has lost its downlinking capability and XM is currently working to resolve the issue. Our buddy Ryan at Orbitcast is also reporting that repeaters are down due to a "software upgrade." Some have heard that it may be fixed within hours or it may not be fixed until days, but XM is officially saying:

"We are experiencing a temporary degraded performance issue, which has affected some of our customers. We expect to return to normal service levels this evening."


If you have a long commute home, you may want to load up the iPod with podcasts and tunes or burn a CD. Check out this cool Frappr map to see if your area is affected.

And if you want to blame someone, I would suggest Opie & Anthony for making comments that pissed off the world. Karma is a bitch.


BREAKING: Is XM down? [Orbitcast]

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Thanks for the heads up. I wish I had the ability to burn CDs at work, right now it's either XM, crappy broadcast radio, or CDs that haven't been updated since before I got XM (about 5 years).

On a related note, XM Online is working fine (which makes sense since it's not broadcast via repeaters or satellite).