Yahoo Employee Katie Couric Uses Gmail Instead of Yahoo Mail

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Wikileaks published the third installment of hacked emails from Hilary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta on Tuesday. Although the trove of messages doesn’t include any bombshells near the level of Donald Trump’s lewd remarks about women, the hacked emails do include a few surprises.


The new messages includes a request for a sit-down interview with Hillary Clinton from Yahoo host Katie Couric. The request itself is normal, but what’s unusual is that the message was sent from a Gmail account. Couric is one of Yahoo’s most notable public faces, and among the company’s most well-compensated employees, earning about $10 million a year. Gmail has long been the chief competitor of Yahoo’s rival service, Yahoo Mail.

Here’s what Couric wrote in the message:

I wanted to write you about some of the metrics that we are getting and let you know through placement on Facebook we can guarantee 1.5 million views in addition to Yahoo engagement which has been close to 1 million for my political interviews. I’d also like to do a separate piece of business through social media along the lines of “10 things you don’t know about Hillary Clinton” that would showcase her personality and has a lot of viral potential.

I wish I could say this is a bad look for Couric, but who can possibly blame her for using Gmail over Yahoo Mail? In May, Congress banned staffers from using Yahoo Mail because it was prone to ransomware attacks. Two weeks ago, a Reuters report revealed Yahoo scanned millions of emails for the NSA and FBI. The revelation came days after Yahoo reported 500 million accounts were hacked by a state-sponsored agent. Top all of this off with the fact that Yahoo recently disabled email forwarding to prevent users from leaving the service, and you have every reason you need to avoid Yahoo Mail at all costs.

So maybe Katie Couric was actually doing something really smart. Maybe she knew that Yahoo Mail was a terrible product all along. We’ve reached out to her and Yahoo for comment, and we’ll update this post as soon as we hear back.


Tabby Gevinson

Yes, it may be true that there are no “bombshells” in any of these hacked DNC / Clinton emails, but I’m still amazed at how uncritically what is in them is being reported (or not reported).

We now know that we were lied into the Libyan conflict; that John Podesta has ties to the same pro-Russia lobbying group that Paul Manafort was connected to; that the DNC violated its own charter by favouring Hillary throughout the primary process; that Hillary has confessed the need to have different positions in private and in public; that Hillary has privately touted drastic cuts to the corporate tax rate, while maintaining publicly that they should remain unchanged; that Hillary has privately bragged about her record of spreading fracking globally; that Hillary was issued a bizarre claim that anti-fracking environmental groups are fronts for Russian interests; that President Obama lied when he said he had no knowledge of Hillary’s private server; etc...