Yahoo TimeTraveler: Plan Custom Itineraries For 29 Cities

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Now that it's summer, you probably have a vacation coming up. If you don't, you might be thinking about running off on a little jaunt to another city. You can make the most of your time away when you plan ahead, and Yahoo TimeTraveler is an awesome new tool to help you do just that.

What does it do?

TimeTraveler generates custom itineraries based on how much time you've allotted, and where you want to start and stop. Select those criteria, and it will give path for you to follow, with several destinations and suggested amounts of time to spend at each spot. If you decide you're going to spend five hours in Barcelona, with your trek starting at La Rambla and ending at Sagrada Familia, it will generate a list of museums and other places to check out in between.


Why do we like it?

There are a lot of travel guides out there, but if you're unfamiliar with a place, it can be frustrating to create a route that makes sense. TimeTraveler makes the planning process a lot easier—it lays out directions, shows you public transit in the area, and gives you all information about the destination. And you can make various plans for just one place if you're not trying to be a globetrotter. All in all, it offers guides to 29 different cities, including some that might inspire a little wanderlust in you, like Bangkok, Amsterdam, and Dubai, and others a little closer to home like New Orleans, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.


Yahoo TimeTraveler

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