Yes, GMOs are Safe to Eat

Welcome to this week’s installment of Reading List, a weekly assemblage of the best science and technology reads on the Internet, brought together in one place, just for you, by Gizmodo. This week, we’ll meet a pair of Ukrainian YouTube stars making it big with do-it-yourself science, then contemplate what we’ll do with all our free time when the robots take over. And, of course, we’ll revisit the GMO debate to debunk some faulty arguments.

  • For the last time: yes, GMOs are safe to eat. Most of the fear-mongering against them is based on lies, bad science, and politics. [Slate]
  • In war-torn Ukraine, two friends are getting worldwide attention for an unlikely reason: their backyard science videos on YouTube. As the duo does what they call “country science,” they also give audiences a glimpse into the war’s effects on their small town. [The New York Times]
  • When you read a book, the beginning of the story is at the top of the front page, and the end of the story is at the bottom of the back page. But online, it’s hard to know which end is up; when you read a blog or a Facebook feed, the latest items are at the top, after all. Is digital media changing how our minds understand and tell stories? [Josh Worth]
  • We’re all going to die — all of us who live west of the Cascade Mountains, anyway. Enjoy this terrifyingly detailed look at the earthquake that could destroy the Pacific Northwest anytime in the next fifty years. [The New Yorker]
  • Will robots ever really make human labor obsolete? The more pressing question may be what the world will look like when they do. [The Atlantic]
  • Everyone wants a cure for deadly diseases like cystic fibrosis, but as drug companies and charitable foundations focus on the fantasy of a cure, they forget to focus on treatments which might extend and improve patients’ lives right now. []

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