Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy's Awesome Mix is releasing on Cassette

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Peter Quill's aptly titled Awesome Mix has rocked the charts this year across a variety of formats, from Digital to CD to even multiple Vinyl pressings, but Guardian fans always asked - when is it coming to tape? Well, now you have your answer: The Awesome Mix is coming to its true home format next month.


Disney's Music Group will release the limited-edition tape - their first since 2003! - only to independent retailers that usually are apart of annual Record Store Day celebrations (RSD's site lets you find your local participating store, if you're worried about where to find it), and you can get it between November 17th and December 31st. It features all twelve songs from the soundtrack, six on each side, and is designed to look exactly like the tape Peter's mom gives to him at the start of Guardians of the Galaxy.

So dig out those walkmans, people, and get ready to get your Star-Lord-approved groove on:


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Maybe I'm being grouchy today (A year to go until we should be getting hoverboards and flying cars will do that to an 80's kid) but I wonder how many people buying this will actually remember what a cassette was and just how awful they were.