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Yes, You Can Play Angry Birds With a Real Slingshot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Unless it was created by master builder Joerg Sprave, it's rare for a slingshot to be of any real interest. But even though we're pretty sick of hearing about Angry Birds, this slingshot controller for the game is kind of neat.

It's built around an mbed microcontroller which translates the angle of the slingshot and the force on the elastic to mouse movements. So pinching on the sling and pulling it back is like clicking on the slingshot in the game and dragging your mouse's cursor back.

Since it's designed to replicate a mouse, the slingshot will only work with the PC version of the game, shunning the mobile versions that made Angry Birds a runaway hit. But, that also means that it could in theory work with other software, making applications like Excel and Word a heck of a lot funner to use. [mbed]