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Yes, Your Living Room Absolutely Needs This Wampa Ice Cave Coffee Table

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tom Spina Designs has a long history of making custom furniture that doesn’t exactly try to hide its pop culture influences. So it’s nice to see the subtle design the studio has put into this The Empire Strikes Back coffee table that doesn’t overtly look like it was inspired by the home of a giant Yeti-like snow creature indigenous to Hoth.

Custom-built for a client who’s soon to have the coolest home theater imaginable, the coffee table was carved from foam and then painted and textured to appear like it was made from snow-covered frozen stalagmites. In lieu of a miniature fur-covered, one-armed snow monster looking up from under the glass tabletop, Tom Spina Designs instead opted to include a lightsaber replica stuck in the snow to further hint at where this table drew its inspiration.

Want one of your own? You’ll need to reach out to Tom Spina Designs for a quote—just don’t expect their custom creations to come cheap.


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