Hey, you the Giz-steady crew. Don't worry, you don't have to show what you do, or make a break, make a move—instead, let us show you what you might have missed earlier. From Wii Party Stations to broken glass and flatpack fighterplanes, it's all here.

Avatar machine further distances you from reality
Build your own Spitfire fighter from (almost) scratch
Snazzy customized gaming PCs from Commodore coming here later this year
Wii Party Station thingy to put your chips and dips in
World's largest telescope opens for business in the Canary Islands
Gizmodo sommelier Wilson gets to the bottom of the Sony VAIO bottle mystery
Motorola turns its PEBL into a ROKR
A cellphone that thinks it's Megatron and transforms into a robot
Smash some glasses and take some pictures of it, why don't you?
&bull Keep your beady eyes on AT&T thanks to a field test mode on the iPhone
More speculation about a Beatles-themed iPod
Apparently, Mr Peng's new legs are Recipicating Gait Orthosis legs, not bionic ones
Gateway's new entertainment laptops HDTV-friendly and colorful—yay!
Samsung's next-generation Blu-ray players are here and this time they support Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD