Yet Another Big Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

There was McDonalds, and Jeep, and then CBS and the AP. Now E! Online has joined the illustrious club of Twitter accounts that have been hacked. The account has been suspended, but not before claiming that Justin Bieber came out as gay.


According to screenshots grabbed by Business Insider, the perpetrator was the Syrian Electronic Army, who were likely behind the recent CBS hacks, and have been known to tangle with Anonymous in the past. With 5 million followers, E! Online's account is a pretty fat target; that's more than twice the followers the AP has. Granted, it's not as great a place to stir up rumors about terror attacks, but it is a good place to troll about Justin Bieber if you're into that sort of thing.

The damage here pretty limited, but it just goes to show how bad this Twitter security situation is. There's rumors two-factor authentication is in the works, and hopefully it is so this can all stop already. This is getting ridiculous.


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