You Actually Have to Own iPhone Apps to Slam Them Now

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Unlike their usual tack lately, Apple is doing something at the App Store that actually helps developers. Before, you could review—and slam—any app you wanted willy-nilly, even if you didn't own it. That changed over the weekend—now you have to own an app before you can review it, preventing an onslaught of one-star reviews for Tetris simply because EA is charging eight bucks for it. Now if Apple could apply some of that logic and fairness on their end and stop jerking developers around. [Alley Insider]

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This all started on Thursday the 25th. When you tried to browse "all new apps" or "all free apps" the newest date was September 15th. You had to look in EACH category to see what was new. Total pain.

If you use the "Power Search" You can view all free apps, but there is no way to sort by date, and the apps themselves in that view do not show the date either. In fact, I cannot figure out WHAT order they apps are showing up in after a Power Search.

I wrote App Store Support (Since you cannot talk to a live person) and I got a message back last night saying they did not understand the problem. Which is true, since the feature of seeing newest apps by date no longer exists!

What I wrote:

"Comments: When I go into the App Store, and click on "all applications", iphone

applications, Free Applications, etc, and then sort by release date, I am only

showing apps up to September 15th.

Nothing newer than September 15th will show up on my computer. However, newer

things are there. If I pick a "featured" application in iTunes App Store, it

will show up, with a newer date, such as September 23rd."

Their Response:

"I understand you have an issue with applications and their dates. I am sorry for

this inconvenience, I know how upsetting that can be. My name is Justin and I

would be delighted to assist with this issue.

Unfortunately, I am not fully understanding your issue. Please provide a step by

step description as well as screenshots so we can see what is going on here. We

look forward to your response.

Thank you for being an iTunes Store customer. We appreciate your business. I

hope you have a fantastic day!"