If you use Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client, you're in good company, as not only does the military use it, but they also contributed code to the latest Thunderbird 3. Alright, so it's the French military...

With 80,000 computers in the military using it, the French government thought it imperative to adapt it to their needs—which Mozilla evidently liked, as they included some of their code in Thunderbird 3, which launched this week.


David Ascher, Chief Executive of Mozilla Messaging, explained:

"The primary changes (the military) have made allow them to know for sure when messages have been read, which is critical in a command-and-control organisation"

As well as using the open source Thunderbird, the French government is also adopting Linux as its primary OS, and OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Image credit: Isafmedia


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