You Can Finally Drink From a Wookiee (Hooray?)

If you like the thought of picking tiny hairs and fibers out of your mouth after every sip of a refreshing beverage, then by all means this Chewbacca can koozie is right up your alley. The rest of us, however, will stick with the foam ones they give away at baseball games.

This original ThinkGeek creation is the one place our favorite Wookiee probably doesn’t belong. Backpacks? Those are cool. Crocs? Barely passable. But a $13 furry can koozie? That’s a tough sell. Its inner rubber sleeve might be helping to insulate and keep your can cool, but we can’t help but wonder if that shaggy outer coat will instead bring your drink to room temperature faster than we’d like. [ThinkGeek]


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