If you really hate the big carriers and live in the midwest, you can score an iPhone 5 for cheaper than anybody else. Cellcom, a small regional carrier, is offering the brand new iPhone 5 for only $150.


Of course, you have to make some sacrifices to save 50 bucks—no 4G LTE for the time being—but it's nice to walk around in the wonderful midwest knowing you got more bang for less of your buck. Also nice that little regional carriers get their share of the iPhone 5 too. The 16GB iPhone 5 retails for $149, 32GB goes for $249 and the 64GB is $349. Plans for Cellcom start at $70/month on a 2-year contract and includes unlimited texting and 2GB of data. Anyone getting an iPhone 5 on Cellcom? [Cellcom via Engadget]