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You Can Get Nokia's Mega-Major 41MP 808 PureView Phone in the US After All

Illustration for article titled You Can Get Nokias Mega-Major 41MP 808 PureView Phone in the US After All

Nokia's 808 PureView may be more of a oddity than anything you'd actually want to buy, but at least now it's our oddity, too. The 41MP camera with a phone attached to it will finally wash up on America's shores at the end of this week, although like all good curios it comes at a cost.


Available exclusively through Amazon, the unlocked, off-contract 808 PureView will cost you $700, and will be compatible with either AT&T's 3G network or T-Mobile's 2G offering (the latter of which, just don't). That sounds like a lot of money—and it is—but it's worth remembering that unlocked phones are terribly pricey; the list price for an unshackled Galaxy Nexus is $800, for instance.


You can sign up here to be notified when the Great 808 PureView US Sales Extravaganza begins; just make sure you've cleared out space for it in your menagerie of weirdo gadgets. Or just wait until they finally stick that 41MP beauty in a Lumia. [Nokia via Engadget]

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Zeust the Mepsuan

"unlocked phones are terribly pricey"

On-contract phones are even pricier if you include the cost of the contract totalled over two years. If, like me, you make no to very few phone calls, send the same amount of text messages and exclusively use wifi for your internet, you're better off buying an unlocked (or at least off-contract) phone than an on-contract phone with the cheapest contract it comes with.

That being said, yes, unlocked smartphones (in fact smartphones in general) are indeed terribly pricey.