You Can Get Photoshop Lightroom 5 Now

Chris Mills - Gizmodo UK

The latest instalment of Photoshop’s younger and less-loved cousin, Lightroom, isup for grabs from Adobe’s website. It’s $150 to buy outright, or $80 if you’ve got a previous version of Lightroom.

A photo organiser rather than editor, Lightroom still has some pretty sweet photo-retouching capabilities, especially if you want to do something like fix the exposure for an entire photoshoot. Lightroom 5 offers a new Advanced Healing Brush, letting you change the size of the brush to get rid of objects from your photos. There’s also an auto-straightening tool, and most interestingly, a Smart Previews function that lets you work on a low-res copy of an image (to save space on your fancy-schmancy SSD), and then apply the changes to full-res images later. [Adobe via Macworld]


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