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You can help fund a quest to build a massive Lego Super Star Destroyer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Another day, another mahoosive fan creation made out of Lego bricks - but this one's a little bigger than your usual project, and builder Thomas Benedikt is soliciting funding to create the mother of all Lego Star Destroyers.

The reason Benedikt has taken to Kickstarter to help build the model is because his plans are to go big: He wants his recreation of Darth Vader's flagship, the Executor, to be a ginormous twelve and a half feet long - weighing over 200lbs.


The model itself currently only exists as a rendered 3D blueprint of the design, but Benedikt needs 90,000 grey Lego pieces to construct his monstrous creation in the flesh - the Kickstarter's $15,000 will apparently only cover 60% of the funding needed for the parts, with the rest of the money coming from Benedikt's pockets. If funded, he also wants to build a 5,000 LED light system to go inside the model, as if creating a 90,000 piece hulk of grey plastic wasn't already crazy enough.

It's not Benedikt's first rodeo with huge lego projects either - 5 years ago he built the Mon Calamari Cruiser Home One, a paltry 7 foot long and 30,000 bricks in comparison. Let it not be said that the man doesn't think big when it comes to his Lego Star Wars.


With 22 days to go, it's not looking that good for the project though, with only $972 CAD raised. If you're interested in backing - rewards range from prints featuring the final model to DIY kits of 800-piece, 1 foot long Star Destroyers to make your own accompanying fleet - you can check out the Kickstarter page linked below.

[Kickstarter via The Escapist]

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