You Can Now Buy a .Cloud Domain Because Modern Life Is Awful

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If domain names like “.com” and “.org” lack the sense of buzzword-fuelled modernity that your website requires, well, it’s your lucky day. You can now buy “.cloud” domains, because the internet isn’t clichéd enough just yet.


The top level .cloud domain was bought by the Italian company Aruba in 2014 and now it’s opened it up for use by domain name registrars. Trot along to GoDaddy or some such, and you’ll find that you can buy the suffix for your URL. They’re not too expensive: They’ll cost you about $20 a year for most boring old normal addresses. You will, have course, have the emotional expense of justifying your .cloud domain to others to deal with.

This is obviously a perfect opportunity for you to suggest amusing possibilities for .cloud URLS. Go!

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Stephan Zielinski

One of these days I’m going to end up running my own DNS server on my desktop just to keep the thing from resolving the stupider top-level domains— because when there’s nothing under a top-level domain but advertising, malware, and fools, I don’t want my web browser to have anything at all to do with them. I’d block all of .biz, .info, .pics, and .xyz right now if it were a simple task.