You Can Now Buy a Weaponized USB Stick For $55

If you were looking for a USB stick that “instantly and permanently [disables] unprotected hardware,” you’re in luck. You can now purchase one for a little more than fifty bucks!

According to ZDNet, “when the USB Kill stick is plugged in, it rapidly charges its capacitors from the USB power supply, and then discharges—all in the matter of seconds.” Wonderful! It’s hard to imagine a scenario where deploying this tool wouldn’t lead to felony vandalism charges. But if you really, really, want to blow up your computer, go right ahead.

This exploding USB drive was originally a fun, proof-of-concept project by researchers before, but now it’s an actual product that’s for sale.


Many hacker toys like USB Kill begin as simple research projects and never actually make it to market, so the fact that you can actually buy one of these little destructo-USB sticks is slightly worrying. Guess it’s time to cover up your USB ports.


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