Illustration for article titled You Can Now Buy and HD Movies From iTunes Directly

You could rent 'em before, but starting today, you can buy movies in high def from the iTunes Store on your computer.

They're $20—yes, about as much as a Blu-ray—and they'll pop up as the usual $5 HD rentals within 30 days after that. It kicks off with Quantum of Solace and Twilight for pre-order, with Transporter 3 (Jason Statham, YES) and other blockbusters available right now.


HD movies are pretty hefty—about 2-3x bigger than standard def, running between three and four gigs, and then you get a bonus file on top of that, the iPod- and iPhone-compatible standard-def version—so I hope you've got some sick NAS storage for these whoppers. But is $20 really worth it? [Apple]

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