The time for pre-orders is over. You can now pick up HTC's Nexus-powered tablet and Asus' set-top hockey puck from the Google Play Store. The tab has also been posted on Best Buy's website.

Some variants are still missing from the Google Play store, specifically the "Sand" colored version as well as any equipped with LTE bands. But if Wi-Fi-enabled, black/white tablets are more your thing, then be prepared to part with $400-$480 for 16GB and 32GB respectively. The good news keeps coming as Google posts a pretty quick shipping turn around, and buyers could have their tablets in hand within one or two days.


Ordering from Best Buy is a little bit more of a crapshoot as it will depend heavily on wherever you live, but if luck is in your favor, a nearby store will have one available for pickup.

You'll need to be a little more patient when it comes to the $100 Nexus Player. That little guy will take at least two to three weeks to get to your doorstep. [Android Police]

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