You Can Now Get Totally Free Talk, Text, and Data on an iPad

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Freedompop, the same folks who have been bringing free talk, text, and data plans to Sprint-friendly phones one at a time, now has a new (awesome) offer: You can get the same plan on a Samsung Tab 3, or any Sprint-compatible iPad.

Since these tablets aren't also phones, Freedompop includes the talk and text part of its plans through its own proprietary VOIP platform, so each activation will come with its own phone number, unless you want to port over one you already have. They'll even throw in a free headset for making calls.

The free plan includes 500MB of LTE data, 200 voice minutes, and 500 texts and supports ANY iPad, though Freedompop is pushing the iPad mini (and selling them to customers for $320 directly) because it thinks that makes the most size and price-sense. But any Sprint-friendly LTE iPad you own is eligible. And naturally you can pay for more data, voice, or texts if you want. (That's kind of the point.)


Even if you don't care about the minutes or the texts, it's a great way to get some free email data for your tab. You can hop over to Freedompop's website to activate a device, and find out more.