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You Can Now Use Your Wireless Controllers With the Original Super Nintendo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If the original NES was your first crush, the Super Nintendo was the console you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Its rounded controller was a masterful work of industrial design, but it still had a wire. Wires suck. With this new adapter, however, your beloved 16-bit console can finally cut the controller cord.

You probably remember Analogue’s NES version of this wireless adapter announced back in April, which finally let you ditch that console’s original boxy and ergonomically-challenged controllers.


In comparison, the SNES’ controllers were like holding a soft kitten in your hands, but being able to finally go wireless with your old hardware, and even switch to the controllers you’ve gotten used to on modern consoles like the PS3 and PS4, is reason enough to drop $25 on this adapter.


You’ll still need to remember to charge whatever wireless controller you end up using with your original SNES hardware, but this adapter draws all the power it needs from the console’s controller port. But it can also double as a Bluetooth dongle for a PC lacking that wireless functionality, by connecting the adapter using a USB cable. If your classic gaming collection consists of ROMs on an old laptop instead of carts, this will still let you upgrade to a wireless controller.