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You Can Order Domino's Pizza From a Car App Because the Future Is Absurd

Illustration for article titled You Can Order Dominos Pizza From a Car App Because the Future Is Absurd

Thanks to Ford and Domino's unholy union of utility, gluttony, and good old fashioned American engineering, your next car could come with a built-in pizza ordering app. Are those tears running down Lady Libety's face you see? Nope—just meat sweats.


The collaboration comes as part of the newest set of additions to Ford's SYNC AppLink system, which connects to your phone and gives you the power to control apps using nothing but your voice. So the second Domino's diehards get in the car, their pre-saved Easy Orders™ are just a few key phrases away, creating maximal pizza for minimal effort.

Ford's other AppLink additions include a parking-spot finder and HABU's mood-based music player, but none is quite so perfect in its frivolity as Domino's voice-activated fast food on-the-go. While not here quite yet, the Domino's app should be coming to Ford's SYNC platform "soon," so start warming up those vocal cords now. We'd hate for you to pull something. [Ford]


Image: Shutterstock/El Nariz

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pre-saved "easy orders" that's it I'm dead I'm done the world is dead to me.

Making short cuts to say "Large Meat Lovers Pizzas" is laziness and gluttony hitting critical mass and I'd like to leave, when do the Mars colony trips start I'd like to volunteer as one way tribute.