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You Can Pre-Order the First Android Wear Devices Today

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've known about Android Wear for a few months now, but Google just announced that the LG G Watch and Samsung's just-announced Gear Live will be available to pre-order from the Google Play Store today. The sleeker-looking Moto 360 however, won't be coming out until later this summer.


The Samsung Gear Live

In addition to learning that pre-orders are opening today, we also found out a little more about how Android Wear devices will work, even though we knew quite a lot already.


Android Wear devices won't just show show notifications from phone apps, but will also have apps of their own that run natively on the hardware to enable stuff like voice control, and sensor control—some of these devices will have fitness sensors, though Google didn't mention which. Downloading apps on the watch is easy; you don't even have to do it. Anything you download from the Google Play Store will automatically put the wearable app on your watch.

Notifications will sync across your devices too (as well they should), so when you swipe away that text on your wrist, it'll disappear on your phone too. But not everything to comes to your wrist will have to come from your phone; Android Wear devices will sometimes have their own unique cards, letting you know that someone you follow on Pinterest likes a nearby store, for instance.


All the new details are pretty straightforward, and Android Wear looks just about as promising as it ever has, but we'll only know if it's a real game changer once we've had a chance to spend some one on one time with the new devices. Fortunately it looks like that'll be soon.