You Can't Unsee This Roach Giving Birth While Being Eaten by Ants

The circle of life is gross. It’s even grosser when you throw in a cockroach, larvae and some violently ravenous fire ants.


This 18-minute video would seem to be for the true ant farming aficionado. That’s a lot of time to dedicate to the insane process of thousands of ants eating a live cockroach. It’s hard to say whether the person who made it even saw the birth of baby roaches coming but ... Jesus.

Anyways dear reader, I assume if you’ve come this far you intend to see mother nature at her most vile and cruel. The disgusting feast begins around 10:30. Don’t say you weren’t warned.




Urggh, video went on so long, and that guys such a weirdo, honestly the pseudo philosophical nonsense was just horrible.