You Have to Be a Wizard of Puzzles to Open the Secret Compartments on This Harry Potter-Themed Table

GIF: YouTube

You’ve got one level of Harry Potter fandom where enthusiasts re-read the books and re-watch the movies again and again. And then you’ve got David Lundell’s level of fandom, which inspired him to build a gorgeous, wooden Potter-themed coffee table complete with secret compartments you need a magic wand to open.


The “magic” needed to access the table’s treasures is actually a combination of hidden switches, keyholes, and magnetically-opened locks that respond to a strong magnet hidden in the tip of Lundell’s wand. That would almost feel disappointing were it not for the beautiful rustic finish on the table which would make it fit right in, and probably go unnoticed, at Hogwarts.

[YouTube via Geekologie]



One man’s “beautiful rustic finish” is another man’s “forgotten offcuts found at the back of the shed.”