If the idea of getting your hands on a new Nexus 7 is keeping you up at night, there may be some good news: according to Engadget, it sounds like some Best Buy stores will have stock from as early as this morning.

A tipster, claiming to be the manager of a Best Buy store, told the site that, while pre-orders kicked off yesterday, "there were few in my region," which should mean that "if you are present at a [Best Buy store] today at opening, you have a good chance of buying the tablet."


Online pre-orders through Best Buy are now also showing that the tablet will be available from the 26th—not the 30th as originally claimed—so it sounds like the source could well be right. If you live close to a Best Buy, check it out; if you'd face a journey, perhaps wait until the rumor's confirmed. [Engadget]