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You Might Need a Nexus 6 to Enjoy Google's New Wireless Service

Illustration for article titled You Might Need a Nexus 6 to Enjoy Googles New Wireless Service

More details have emerged about Google's plan to become a wireless carrier without actually being a wireless carrier. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google's service will launch later this month but only on the Nexus 6. In other words, this Google wireless experiment is just that, an experiment.


That's not bad news, per se. For starters, it's exciting that Google's apparently going to launch its new initiative to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the coming weeks, rather than the coming months, as we though. What's more, as the Journal's sources report, Google's weaving together service from T-Mobile, Sprint, and available wifi networks sounds pretty cool. It's not that cool if you have any phone except a Nexus 6. (Even a Nexus 5 isn't supposed to work with the new service.) But it's a cool idea!

[Wall Street Journal via Fortune]

Image via Eric Limer

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I'm really surprised that this is happening before the rumored Google-Huawei partnership kicks into gear. Huawei would seem to be a natural fit for this kind of deal; particularly since you'd think that Google would be advertising cost savings.

I'm a little surprised that we haven't seen rumors that the deal would be VoIP-only. It's a LITTLE early to launch a VoIP-only handset, but this would mean that Google would be able to offer cheaper service by avoiding a lot of taxes (and regulations), and fees (like the 911 access fee in some areas).