Looks like DirecTV is poised to offer cord-cutters a big bucket of NFL, no satellite contract required: AppleInsider just found this unannounced promotional page promising all the out-of-market live games you can watch, every Sunday, starting at $200.

Update: We reached out to DirecTV, and found out that this offer has been available for some time, and is only offered to customers who can't get the full DirecTV package. Bummer.


We're still going to call this a rumor, since it isn't actually confirmed, but the DirecTV info page seems pretty convincing: live, streaming games (out-of-market only) to your computer or mobile device for $200. The $240 level gets streaming to gaming consoles only, while the top-shelf $330 package streams to all types of devices and adds Red Zone and Fantasy Zone. Note, though that as of right now, the "list of compatible devices" doesn't work, but we assume at least Android and iOS support.

If you've been thinking of cutting the cord, but hesitated out of fear of missing all that Sunday NFL action, maybe this is the answer you were looking for—assuming it actually becomes a reality on September 7th as promised. [AppleInsider via The Tech Block]