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"You Remind Me of the Babe": Raise Your Glass Orb for a Labyrinth Sequel

Illustration for article titled You Remind Me of the Babe: Raise Your Glass Orb for a iLabyrinth/i Sequel

I'm finding it hard to do much else on this afternoon after learning earlier today that one of the greatest films of my childhood will, after 28 years, finally be getting a sequel. I'm talking, of course, about the 1986 movie Labyrinth.


Details are vague, but according to Variety, the Jim Henson Studio says yes, a sequel is in the works. Which is going to be particularly challenging since it's been a long, long time since we visited Goblin City. So much has changed! The King is now an acclaimed visual artist. Sarah is an Oscar-winning actress. And baby Toby is a big hit at Ren Fairs.

Why not watch Labyrinth tonight and brainstorm all the ways that Hoggle and his warty, farty bros might make a return to the screen. Besides, it's kind of the perfect movie for a fall weekend; it's dark and vaguely Halloween-y (and also makes a great costume). Think about it: Just like a young, capricious teen forced to stay home on a Friday night, you could have Jareth and his stretch pants in your bedroom a few minutes from now. Sarah, YOUR DREAMS. [Amazon]


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Why??? Why must they destroy the classic films of my childhood??? Crap - first an all-female Ghostbusters, and now this? Next thing you know they're going to do a CGI Dark Crystal and we can ALL mourn the loss of the classic films of "back in the day".

Also, if they ever remake "The Neverending Story"...just fuck them.