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You'll Have To Send Your Xoom Away For A Week To Upgrade To LTE

The Xoom's 4G LTE upgrade will come 90 days after launch and take about 6 days to complete, according to an apparent leaked Verizon document procured by Droid-Life.

Xoom users will have to ship their tablets to Motorola to receive the upgrade, but they won't have to change their plan to take advantage of 4G. The upgrade will only be available for 6 months after it starts and will be free, including shipping and handling. [Droid-Life via Engadget]


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"will be free, including shipping and handling." Don't kid yourself. What do you think that $200 price rape is all about?

I was going to rant about how they could have saved money and shaved the price of this thing had they not rushed it to market and have to re-manufacture it to get something it should have to begin with...

But then I realized that there's probably going to only be a handful of people who buy it to begin with.