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You'll Never Want to Put Away This Elegant Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Coffee-makers, like humans, come in every shape and size. Some are utterly utilitarian, like the Aeropress, while some express pure form, like the Chemex. The Manual Coffeemaker No. 1, by Chicago designer Craighton Berman, is the latest attempt to class up your kitchen counter.


Designing coffee gadgets is somewhat of a hot trend these days, but the question is: Aside from looks, are they worth a damn? The Manual Coffeemaker No. 1, which debuted last month at ICFF in New York, certainly brings a holistic quality to the table, unifying the drip cone with a glass container that should aid in heat retention throughout the brew. But questions remain.


For example, it's clear that you can only brew one cup at a time, but do most third-party mugs fit in that narrow chamber? It should sit nicely on a kitchen scale, which is a must. What kind of filters does it use? They look like Hario V60 filters, but is the cone shaped precisely to that spec? These things matter.

One thing's for sure: It's pleasing to the eye, and that is always a good place to start. [Craighton Berman Studio via Design & Art]