Look, teenage girls of America: You have got to save your sexting virginity until you meet someone really special. Not some random "male acquaintance." Because that's when the police get involved.

A sexting case in Plainfield, Illinois (a lesser-known site of the sexual revolution) has "exploded into the largest sexting case Plainfield police have ever encountered." A 16-year-old girl sent out less savory pics of herself to "a male acquaintance" (?), and being presumably a 16-year-old guy, the shots didn't stay secret for long. Apparently over half the student body has seen them, parents, police, PTA members and probably President Obama are all freaking the fuck out, and really, this could be the end of the noble American experiment. Note: The source has several hundred photo galleries linked underneath the story. Do not be fooled, none of them contain nudie pics of 16-year-old girls. [WBBM]